Welcome To Radically Alive Women,

Radically Alive Women is a context woven, sourced, and co-created by Women who are ready to reclaim their authentic aliveness.

Born from necessity, called forth by the conscious Rage of a network of Women, this context sends roots, its radicle, deep into Gaia, far outside of modern culture.

Sourcing instead from that which is coming to life through Women as they learn to sensitize themselves to their innate wisdom.

Here you will find spaces and offerings that give you the chance to do just that. 

  • Conscious Anger Trainings
  • Weekly Edgecast Interviews
  • Telegram group
  • One:One coaching
  • Immersions
  • Tools and Distinctions to navigate your way into your Radical Aliveness
  • Connection to other Women
  • Spaces to heal and transform

This is an invitation to play full out with other Women, to create and inhabit next culture with the innate wisdom that you bring through your Being.

Thank you for Being Here

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“A Rising Tide of Radically Alive Women Lifts the Whole World.

Julia Neumann