Meet the Team

When Women start coming to life, the whole Village can’t help but awaken also.

RAW is a network, meet the team of main spaceholders below.

Radically Alive Woman

Julia Neumann

Game-World Doula – Weaving the Web of Evolution

Julia is the originator of Radically Alive Women’s Edgecast and co-creatress of Radically Alive Women’s context.

Julia’s passion is to empower women to become radically alive in a culture that may seem as though it was not designed for females. Through her own journey of discovering her radical aliveness, she now opens an array of spaces for others to do the same.

Clarity. Connectedness. Presence.

Sybille Biedert

Embodied Movement Magician

Sybille is a dedicated edge-worker and a force of change, using the medicine of movement for self-inquiry and transformation — for community and the individual. Passionate about the power of group work, Sybille is dedicated to ‘supporting people to do what they’re here to do’. She developed the ability to create a held container in which participants are gently and effectively supported to dance into their inner-unknown to connect more deeply with their essence and their emotional body.


Millicent Haughey

Writer, Initiation Midwife and Researcher.

The fire rages in her to co-create a thriving future for human’s on Earth. She is an apprentice to life and has a passion for horses.

Millicent is on the Team in all sorts of ways. She edits some of the Radically Alive Women (RAW) Edgecast audio files and space holder for RAW Newsletter.

You can read Millicent’s writings here.

Courage. Evolution. Love. Authenticity.

Annika Korsten

Annika is on a quest of finding out what it means to be a Woman in this lifetime challenging the status quo in her life moment by moment.

She takes a stand for the birthright of Women, mothers and children seeking possibilities to empower their sovereign self.

Damiët Loor

Visionary Artist Gaia Connection

Damiët is a mother, a certified therapist, a visionary artist and possibilitator, with her roots in the Netherlands, her centre connected to Gaia and her blossoming in Aotearoa.

Damiët offers therapy sessions online and in person.

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