Julia Neumann from Radically Alive Women (RAW) is rising a tide of funds: NZD 12,000.00 for a Radically Alive Women Recording and Creation Studio, RAW Heart Quarters (HQ)!

Her goal is to create a rain of Consciousness for Women (and through them, everyone) across the globe: Waking a tide of women to step into their radical aliveness so that next culture becomes reality.

RAW Edgecast has outgrown its nest and needs a dedicated physical space for high quality recording, broadcasts and for the editing team to work their Magic.

What is RAW?

Radically Alive Women (RAW) is rooted in a context outside of modern culture: it originates in next culture, a culture of Radical Responsibility.

Women hold a key to the future shape of human culture on the planet – distinctly from men. RAW gives women a glimpse into the thoughtware, journeys and decisions of women who have decided to take back their power and create what they want in life, as the natural birthers of next culture: a culture of initiated Women and Men collaborating for Life.

The Project: Recording & Creation Studio

With your donation to this fundraiser, you facilitate the building of a compact, natural, functional recording and creation studio with a sleeping mezzanine at the Southern end of Lake Taupo, on a land that is home to Ahi o Te Manawa Next Culture Research Center. It is a space built almost entirely from rough sawn timber milled in the neighbouring village.

The space costs approximately NZD 10,000.00 to build plus $2,000.00 for interior equipment. For the building, we are making use of local resources as possible and a builder who is himself a pioneer. He estimates to need 2-3 weeks to build. With your help, this studio could be standing in no time!

The floor dimensions are 2.4×4.2 meters exterior / 2.2x4m interior. The outside of the building will be board and batten. We are planning to have our rich volcanic soil and plants on a living roof.

The doors and windows are pre-loved. It matters to us that we reuse materials as much as possible.

The studio and creation area will serve as a recording studio for RAW Edgecast and as an office for administering and creating the overall context of “Radically Alive Women”. The sleeping mezzanine will enable Radically Alive Women to host visitors in the future.

  • Radically Alive studio
  • recording studio

Project update from Week 1 (6/08/2023):

What’s in it for you?

You get to become a shareholder of the nonmaterial value that is created from this studio. By fueling the creation of this archetypal work-space, you participate in what is created for next culture: Archiarchy.

Maybe this is all you want. Maybe you want something more:

  • Your name will be written on a piece of local wood that will become part of the building – to reflect your part in creating the foundation of this building project.
  • You will receive a Membership subscription to RAW Membership – the paid content section of RAW Edgecast.
  • If you choose to gift NZD 1,000.00 or more, you will receive a lifetime membership to RAW Membership.
  • On top of that, when you gift NZD 1,000.00 or more, you receive a stay at the mezzanine sleepout at RAW HQ for one week, including a couple of coaching sessions and food. You will get to use the studio and create your research output from this magical space.

How to make your payment

1. Choose your amount (anything between NZD 1.00 to 6,000.00 is welcome) and transfer it to one of these bank accounts:

Account holder: Julia Neumann
Reference: RAW HQ Gift
NZD: 38-9020-0589060-04
EUR: IBAN BE38 9672 0640 7272, BIC TRWIBEB1XXX
For other currencies please email us.

2. For an acknowledgment of your payment, please send Julia an email with your full name, your phone number and the amount that you have gifted.


We are building together!

Thank you for making this project real.

This image shows the progress of the fundraiser.

Total amount funded: NZD 6667.00

RAW HQ Fundraiser