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Radically Alive Women is a context for Women to reconnect to their own – Aliveness, Authority, Voice, Gentleness, Fierceness. It is ultimately a context empowering women to initiate into “free and natural Adulthood” through taking Radical Responsibility as in the context of Possibility Management.

Radically Alive Women is a container for Women to build bridges into regenerative next cultures, those that come after Matriarchy and Patriarchy. It is a culture for Women and Men to collaborate and do what we’re best at: BEING and CO-CREATING.

Women as life-givers, life-birthers, are naturally designed to birth life and through themselves, the next culture. It requires that Women learn how to feel consciously, to address their own shadows, weapons with each other, to be radically honest, to reclaim their voice, and their feminine wisdom.