Embodied Rage

Feel, move and experience the power of your conscious Anger.
For Radically Alive Women, or those who want to be.
What if I told you that when Anger is transformed into its pure energy it becomes a resource for you to move through the world very differently than you are moving now?
Right now, your unconscious Rage might rush you through the day to keep you busy, fast, unavailable, and under pressure.
In the transition to change your shape you can find steps along the way that empower you to land more in your body. What it means is that it will be easier for you to notice what is happening around you in different spaces, you might become closer to nature and its beings, you will learn to connect with your feelings and express them. When you start noticing you can choose to change something about a situation, a sensation, a person, a decision etc.
Suddenly you become empowered to shape your life the way you want it as opposed to being a victim of your circumstances. You reclaim your authority.
In this space you get to explore the nuances in your body that give you hints whether you are stuck in your unconscious patterns that create tension in your body or whether you are using your conscious Anger as a resource to shift, change, ask for what you want, explore, discover, and create.
You will not only explore your Anger but all the other feelings (Sadness, Fear and Joy) too.
This space is for you if you:
– regularly dissociate and want to find tools and practices to move back into your body
– feel anxious in life and want a shift
– feel tension and aches in your body and want different possibilities
– notice that ‘being busy’ does not create the results anymore that you want
– want to learn to BE rather than DO.
Annika is transformation in action. She is a life-long researcher and apprentice to life unfolding the feminine in herself and Women. She holds a safe container for the power and information of the feelings to express, allowing shifts to create the life you want.
When: 6th April, 9am – 4pm
Where: Riverside Hall, Lower Moutere
Investment: Sliding scale $100 -$140; bring lunch for potluck
Transfer to: Annika Korsten, 389019009863504.
Once payment is received your spot is secured.
Join here: https://forms.gle/8ydQBwhrrYDbXuS78
Become part of the Radically Alive Women’s Village (www.radicallyalive.com)!


Apr 06 2024


09:00 - 16:00




Riverside Community Center


Annika Korsten

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