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Women’s Wave Spaceholder Training

How can you create a regenerative culture in your immediate environment and beyond, by holding space for your life, other Women, and projects that are bigger than yourself?
This is what we want to find out with you in this 12 weeks Online Training for Women.
Patriarchal culture is built upon you being dependent on other people’s choices and decisions, and other limiting beliefs such as: “I am not good enough”, “Who am I to…”, “I need to have a secure job”, “Others know better than me”, etc. It is built upon Women suppressing their authentic impulses and either making themselves small or becoming “better men in women’s bodies”.
A shift to sourcing from within, using the power of your conscious feelings and in connection with your feminine wisdom, is possible.
It requires taking a higher level of responsibility than you might have in the past. To take high or radical responsibility you will need to let go of parts of you that no longer serve you, so as to make space for the unique flavour that wants to come through you – yet laid dormant in a culture that strives towards conformity.
This training is not for the ‘good girls’ to ‘win’ or ‘outshine’ her sisters. Here you get to play full out with your piece of the puzzle with other Women by your side cheering you on. We will explore together how it goes to empower each other as Women Spaceholders with the specific aspect of Collaboration happening.
Rage Clubs, Boundaries workshops, Sword & Heart Spaces, YES/NO practice spaces, Birthing Houses, Sex education centres, Intimacy research spaces, Radical Relating spaces, and other Bridges to Archiarchy spaces, are only some of the spaces where Women can claim back their authority to create. Many of those, and more, are yet to be created: by YOU.
All of these spaces require an initiation into the territory of Conscious Anger first, if you are committed to hold space for Radical Responsibility, i.e. consciousness in action.
Holding space for Women’s Anger to come back online is a privilege to witness and encourage.
By stepping into living and breathing next culture, Archiarchy, and radically relying on other Women, you will not only grow your team of sisters around you but also empower them to do the same. This is how we keep growing the wave of Women collaborating with their Creations.
The 12 weeks Training will include:
– Practice context setting & landing distinctions
– Uncover your Underworld that stops you from collaborating
– Learn to hold and navigate space
– Becoming unhookable and navigating Gremlins
– Delivering and inventing practices
– Unfolding your flavour
– Creating your first or next space within the 12 weeks Training and receiving feedback and coaching from the Team.
Have attended at least 1 Expand the Box Training and 1 Rage Club.
Tuesdays, 6-8:30pm NZST = 8-10:30am CEST, starting 18th June
NZD / EUR 300-450 per 4 weeks
Annika Korsten & Julia Neumann
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May 23 2024


06:00 - 20:30




Annika Korsten

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