An invitation to women

Dear women,

I find it hard to put into words the jewel that we are offering with this upcoming 3-day immersion.

How can I describe the unborn? How do I describe a space that I haven’t been to?

All I know is that it is possible: To come together in radical honesty, with clean and clear communication, with focus and determination, with gentleness, with vulnerability, with not knowing, with ecstasy for life. Sybille, Shaya and I bring the tools to navigate there.

There is so much conditioning to let go of, conditioning that women cannot really escape having been educated in Patriarchy. Some of it is obvious and big, lots of it is delicate and intricate, so subtle that you cannot see it alone.

So much so that few women dare to connect to their feminine wisdom, owning their shadow so that it doesn’t hijack that femininity for the purpose of manipulation, control, competition, righteousness, judgement and more. Isn’t it much easier to be a better man in a woman’s body? Or to be a Patriarchy-hating woman isolating from the rest of the world?

It may seem easier but it comes at a high cost: your life, Gaia, and the future generations.

How do we change that? We come together and connect to Source. Bringing back your connection to Source, through your Being.

Being spaces that deeply nourish your Being, despite (or because) they are uncomfortable enough to pull you out of your comfort zone are rare.

Yes, we could get together for a yoga course or a massage and sip wine and lament about how bad the world is or tell each other how great it is what we do.

And No, that’s not what nourishes my Being, or yours.

Instead, we come together to dance with life. To tap back into the aliveness that comes from facing into the discomfort, the scary things: such as saying what you want, honouring the things that don’t work for you, making proposals, dancing hard out without looking good, stepping out of the nice girl survival pattern, owning your shit so that you can shift. We will allow for integration time in truly feminine ways, such as sitting in a hot tub or sauna together. It doesn’t mean that the immersion pauses there. It is all part of the web of being radically alive as a woman, together with other women.

We need you to come and join us as you are, so that we can go where we need to go together, side by side.

For a new culture. For a different future.

Radically Alive
17-20 November 2022
Tui Treefield, Wainui Bay, Golden Bay, NZ

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