Hear what this Podcast is about from Julia, the main spaceholder for this Podcast.

Radically Alive Women – Next Women’s Culture Podcast aims to inspire and spark your own aliveness and courage through interviews with Radically Alive Women: Women that have taken steps towards Next Women’s Culture or that already live in it, as well as on all topics related.

We’ll explore the territory of “Next Women’s Culture” and make it tangible so that you can make it your own, bringing it into your everyday life.

It’s a wild Podcast and unlike anything you’ve heard or seen before. Let’s be the tide of women that lifts the whole world!

This Podcast results from research undertaken in the context of Possibility Management, and especially from 3- to 4-day women’s gatherings “Radically Alive” co-created by Julia Neumann and Sybille Biedert together with other women in Aotearoa, New Zealand. These women are naturally part of this Podcast creation process. 

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