Good Girl Buster: Eva Daubert

“If women would bring forward their basic needs as necessities for their lives, this world would look very different.”

Listen to this episode with Eva Daubert for a refreshing dose of aliveness and clarity.

Eva Daubert is a Feldenkrais practitioner and a Possibility Management Spaceholder. She holds space for the workshop series “Good Girl Busters” in which women explore their aliveness together, reclaiming their conscious feelings and practicing their skills in staying awake, empowering each other to be radically alive. Eva shares some of her research and her passion for collaborating with women in a team for healing and awakeness.

You can find Eva and her offerings online here:

If you’d like to join a Rage Club in preparation of becoming a Good Girl Buster, you can join my online Women’s Conscious Rage Club starting 21st February , 8pm CET = 22nd February 8am NZT.

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Terms used in this episode that you may want to find out more about:

1) 5 Bodies:

In school and at home, you probably learned to focus on your intellectual body, and somewhat on your physical body. What do you know about your emotional, energetic and archetypal bodies? An exploration worth undertaking!

2) Emotional Healing:

Feelings are neutral energy and information serving a purpose in the moment. They last for a maximum of 3 minutes. Emotions feel the same but they last longer and they aren’t from this moment but from the past. You may know what it’s like to be “triggered”. That is an emotional reaction.

Emotions are doorways for Healing. Emotional Healing Processes offer a space for healing emotions, making space for adulthood and authentic feelings.

3) Being yourself:

Another exploration well worth undertaking. Commonly, people lack the distinction of which “self” they refer to as “myself”/”yourself”. 

4) Distinction:

A Distinction is an Energetic Declaration that if you have the Matrix to hold it, changes who you are and therefore gives you a new Possibility for Action.

5) Feldenkrais:

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