Unfolding the Magic: Anicha Vos

“This is the time to reclaim what is really valuable.” ~ Anicha Vos.

I interviewed Anicha Vos this week. It was an ad hoc interview in a public café, hence some background noise, as I radically followed my impulse. 

This interview itself unfolded magically: I had been to Anicha’s and her partner’s (Marcel Hof, Wim Hof’s brother) Breath and Meditation workshop a few years ago. When I came across them in our local café Raw Balance in Turangi (what are the odds?), I immediately knew I wanted to interview Anicha. I went for it. She said Yes! and here is the result. 

Anicha is a researcher of consciousness. She offers heart meditations and quantum hypnosis together with Marcel’s breathwork. She’s also been a belly dancer and dance teacher, as well as an arts therapist. You can read more about Anicha’s background here: https://hofmethod.com/about-us/

The thread that emerges from this lively interview is an inspiration to let life unfold its Magic – by radically honoring what’s alive in you, especially your feelings; connecting to inner and outer nature; keeping life simple. Finding out what you love and then choosing that. Following the vision of your heart even if the practical side of things may be uncomfortable and challenging for your mind.

Listen to this episode to hear the personal stories of an alive and courageous woman, her journey, and her learnings on how to let the magic of life unfold.

NB: It is the first interview I had with a woman who is not part of the Possibility Management context, a context of Radical Responsibility that I am committed to. I feel glad to know that women out there are on their radical aliveness journey also in other contexts, and that it is possible to have these kinds of conversations.

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