Women’s Anger and Sexuality: Annika Korsten

"How do you create radical shifts in your sexual intimacy with a partner, to come to a place of discovery together?"

This interview with Annika Korsten is one of the bravest conversations I have yet had on this Podcast.

Both women's anger and women's sexuality are topics that are underrepresented in mainstream culture. Bringing both together into one conversation may seem dangerous. Yet: Where if not in sexuality would lie a key to ecstatic aliveness? And how could you unfold into your sexuality if you cannot hold space for it with the clarity of your anger?

It becomes obvious that these topics naturally belong together.

Annika Korsten has explored them both over the past few years with conscious healing and experiments. Her recent article on "Anger and Sexuality" is a door opener for this conversation.

In this interview, Annika shares her research on conscious sexuality and how her access to conscious anger helped her embark and continue on this discovery journey. Annika encourages women to be bold and ask for the unthinkable, through an intimate connection with their own body.

Did you know that your body parts, such as your Yoni, your Vagina, and your lips, have information and can say Yes or No to an experience?

If you would like to learn more, stay tuned: A longer episode with Annika is in the making.

You can also book Annika Korsten as a coach for support and healing on your own discovery journey: https://www.annikakorsten.org/#coaching

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